Elements of CareerBurst

What's the missed opportunity with most online career support?

  • Generic content that is not focused on driving an internal career, or tied to your business
  • Too much information, too little guidance
  • Static – not constantly updating to draw you back.

CareerBurst is designed to help your people find – or create – the right opportunities that release their talents. It’s composed of many different elements – click to explore them below.

Career Science

Essential reading - hard facts from research about successful careers

All CareerBurst advice is based on hard research into over 2000 real successful careers across many sectors. We provide the facts and figures, and the surprising conclusions about how people build successful careers in the 21st century. We are dedicated to finding our career facts and exploding career myths. This makes our advice highly credible and constantly updating.

Exploring Me

Explore your strengths, your motivation, your direction

A new addition from November, Exploring Me helps people to find a sense of direction and purpose. We help people to identify their best strengths and the weaknesses they need to manage, using a simple sorting exercise that’s been tried and tested with thousands of people in a hard copy version. The online version will help people to educate others about their strengths so that they can find opportunities across your business.

Action & Tactics

What can I do to accelerate my career?

This part of CareerBurst is all about self-driven action. What can you do if you have an hour to dedicate to your career? Based on talking to over 2000 people about their tips and tactics, we’ve identified 72 of the best ways to advance your career. We also help people to do their own research by talking to others about their careers, and test themselves against some of the strongest behaviours that support career success.


CareerBursts/Espresso shots of career advice and expert answers to your questions

Short espresso shots of advice to inspire you and make you think! This is not static but a flow, with new material added regularly. We have been collecting people’s career questions for over 10 years – so we know what the most pressing questions are – and we provide 3-5 minute VideoBursts which directly answer these questions. There are also blogs and if wanted – we can create VideoBursts and content from people inside your organisation.

Self-Development Lab

Experiments to try out high flyer skills

Most e-learning conveys knowledge not skill, and may not change people’s behaviour. We’ve departed from the usual ‘weakness-based’ development – and instead provide career-based development. In our Self-Development Lab you can tackle 30 of the skills and approaches that research shows are typical of high flyers. We don’t tell you why they work, just set the experiment up in a way that gets you to try out a skill and reflect on the learning – then post your observations and read up what others learned.

Career Conversations

6 career conversations you can have with people to advance your career

A great way to progress your career is to have a conversation with your manager, a mentor, or someone from another part of the business. In the 21st century people need to drive their own careers, so we provide full support to make it easy for them to set this up. With CareerBurst they can focus on the kind of conversation they want, initiate conversations with a range of people, and have access to expert questions and career tactics that ensure a productive discussion. They can have a face-to-face conversation or chat online if they are in a global or dispersed team.

Managing & Mentoring

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Career Conversations

Look at the conversations you've had with team members and mentees

This section makes it easy for the manager or mentor to have an overview of all their people. They can quickly remind themselves of the conversations they’ve had. They can see what strengths energise their people, and the weaknesses that need to be managed. They can see at a glance the focus of career conversations that have taken place, the conclusions and action points arising, and how these are progressing. All this wealth of information can be shared by the team member with a new manager if this becomes necessary.

My People

Want to have career talks with your team and mentees?

CareerBurst makes it easy for managers or mentors to start career conversations, even if they are not career experts. CareerBurst prompts pre-meeting thinking, makes it easy to focus rapidly on the most relevant topics, and supports each conversation with expert questions that act as thought provokers. There are also 6 sets of 12 career tactics inspired by our research that help the mentee drive their own career. The Career Plan is built and shared online, so that both parties can see at a glance the whole conversation and action plan.


Espresso shots of advice for managers who want to develop the talent in their teams

Short espresso shots to inspire managers and mentors! Helping you spot potential, identify people’s talents and get access to the latest talent management thinking. Building on our extensive talent expertise, we look at the practicalities of the day-to-day management tactics that create engagement and get the most from the talent in your team.