Based on research

Most career content is based on hearsay and hasn't changed in 40 years. Our research into over 2000 careers allows us to reveal exactly how successful people drive their careers.

Clear guidance

CareerBurst takes people through a structured journey that identifies the top career challenges for each person. We provide targeted support and suggestions to help them reach their goals.

Thought provokers

The journey includes testing your career knowledge and exploding career myths. There are interactive exercises that help people find direction and clarify the action they need to take.

Hold conversations

Managers are given practical support to hold great career conversations. Using the tested 6 Career Conversations model, it's quick and easy to have great conversations - every time.

72 practical tactics

Individuals can use any of 72 career tactics to build a career plan and drive their own career - knowing that each tactic is inspired by what successful people do to manage their careers.

Build alliances

Career conversations can turn into lasting relationships, as people share their action plans and progress. Your allies can comment on your plans, and help you keep motivated and on track to succeed.