Why CareerBurst

Outstanding career support is critical to meeting business goals…

CareerBurst - An online platform that retains your talented people with engaging research-based, full-spectrum career support.

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Supports business
and individual goals

  • Great careers attract and retain talent
  • Promoting home grown talent builds loyalty, minimises disruption and saves money
  • Engagement increases when line managers hold great career conversations
  • A self-driven growth culture increases organisational flexibility and response speed
  • Credible with all employees up to and including Senior Management
  • Based on hard research
  • Constantly updated - never grows stale
  • Branded and integrated with existing systems
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Your people want more - full-spectrum career support

  • Career Science. Hard facts and figures based on research into how thousands of successful people have driven internal careers. All CareerBurst support is based on sound evidence.
  • Expert Q&A. We’ve researched the questions people ask about careers – and directly address these concerns with concise expert insights.
  • Career Conversations. We provide online support for real career conversations between people, their managers and their mentors. Based on the tested 6 Career Conversation model, people work with their managers to have relevant discussions - and use expert-designed questions to make every career discussion a great one!
  • Practical Actions & Tactics. Access to tactics from research allows people to create a career plan fast and share it online with their manager or mentor.
  • A Guided Journey. We don’t leave people to wade through random advice. CareerBurst provides diagnostics to help prioritise the key action to take for each person.
  • Manager & Mentor Support. CareerBurst also develops line managers as talent managers.
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